Vince McMahon and Oliver Luck settle XFL lawsuit

Vince McMahon and Oliver Luck settle XFL lawsuit

Navigate a legal headache from Vince McMahon’s list of things to fear.

Settlement talks had broken down between McMahon and Oliver Luck, who had served as commissioner of the restarted XFL Football League. Vince claimed the executive was fired for cause; Luck thought it was a cost-cutting measure before shutting down the entire operation at the start of the pandemic.

Luck was suing for the roughly $24 million in compensation he said he owed. McMahon’s counterclaim focused on Luck’s signing of wide receiver Antonio Callaway, whose 2018 legal troubles violated the league’s mandate not to sign players with off-court issues. In depositions, Luck’s attorneys cited McMahon’s own felony charge from his 1994 federal trial on steroids, ostensibly to demonstrate that the warrant was hypocritical.

Last Wednesday (June 15), as we learned that Luck’s trial was set to go to trial in July, the Wall Street Journal’s report into the WWE Board’s investigation into McMahon’s alleged misconduct hit the headlines. Vince has since stepped down as CEO and chairman, with his daughter Stephanie assuming those responsibilities on an interim basis.

Sports Business Journal now says a recent court filing shows Luck & McMahon have agreed to settle. In a June 17 brief to the court asking that other case files be sealed, Luck’s attorney, Paul Dobrowski wrote: “The parties have reached an agreement to resolve this matter on June 16, 2022.” McMahon’s attorney, Jerry McDevitt, does not oppose the motion.

The terms of the settlement are not known. But with that off their plate, McMahon & McDevitt can focus on defending Vince during the board’s investigation into alleged silent money payments to former WWE employees.

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