‘Superman & Lois’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 14 – Jordan’s Powers Exposed

‘Superman & Lois’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 14 – Jordan’s Powers Exposed

Ready or not, Jordan was forced to play the hero of Tuesday’s episode of Superman and Lois, setting the stage for next week’s universe-changing season finale. (No, we’re not exaggerating.)

After meeting Ally Allston, Clark began the hour completely drained of solar power — a predicament with no clear end in sight, according to Lara. And with the Bizarro universe already starting to bleed into ours, the Man of Steel was running out of time to recharge.

As if that weren’t enough, Lana-Rho and Jon-El also returned to the party, targeting their helpless doppelgangers at an emergency town meeting. Although that meant exposing his powers to Sarah (eek!), Jordan took on the two enemies, ultimately taking them down with some timely help from Natalie.

And before we even had a chance to worry about John Henry, who is currently floating aimlessly in the void after a failed attempt to stop Ally, the universes have begun to merge!

Below, Alex Garfin breaks down Jordan’s biggest moments from the episode, offering a taste of what’s yet to come in the season’s final hour:

TVLINE | FYI, I’m still figuring out that Lana knows Clark’s secret, and now Sarah knows Jordan’s?
[Laughs] It looks like there are a lot of secrets being unveiled here. The original plan was actually for Sarah to be the first to find out the secret. [before Lana], so this is an iteration of a much older plan. For example, we were talking about Sarah who discovered it in season 1.

TVLINE | Well, maybe it’s a better time. Looks like she’s interested in getting back together now.
Yeah, now that she realizes it wasn’t Jordan’s choice to lie all those times, he’s definitely regained some level of reliability.

TVLINE | And what a time for her to find out – just when he’s about to fight his mother’s evil doppelganger.
In fact, I’ve been training for combat for a year and a half. They warned me in the middle of last season that Jordan would be doing more great stuff in season 2, so I took the stunt lead, my very good friend Rob Hayter, and said, “Look, I am a skinny theater kid. I don’t know how to work out with gym equipment or fight. So he taught me how to use the equipment and he set me up with my sparring trainer. So this two-man fight was [between Jordan, Jon-El and Lana-Rho] all me, it was in fact not my double at all. It was great fun learning the rhythms of that fight a few hours before. These teams have worked their whole lives watching top talent [do these fight scenes], so they’re pretty jaded, but it was a moment when everyone started cheering. It felt like a lot of hard work paid off.

TVLINE | Emmanuelle Chriqui told me that she preferred to play ordinary Lana, leaving the action scenes to other people. You seem to be quite the opposite.
I’m the type of guy who loves being thrown into this stuff. I love going down rabbit holes and seeing where they go. It’s also a lot of fun watching Jordan become a fighter. He had to fight inside for much of his life. He fought many mental and social demons. Watching him overcome them, and then having to fight those larger worldly issues, is gratifying.

TVLINE | Well, it was a crazy hour, but I’m sure next week will be even crazier. What can we expect from the finale?
There are some very big twists in very big picture things that will happen. The fans will go crazy.

How do you feel as we head into next week’s seemingly action-packed finale? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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