Umbrella Academy Elliot Page, Viktor Transition

Umbrella Academy Elliot Page, Viktor Transition

“Elliot was in his own transition process at the time of filming.”

Elliot received an outpouring of support and love. Many fans also wondered how The Umbrella Academy would address Elliot’s transition in his script. That’s when Elliot let fans know they could say goodbye to Vanya Hargreeves and hello to Viktor.

During a recent interview with Esquire, transgender journalist Thomas Page McBee explained how he worked with Elliot and showrunner Steve Blackman to help pitch Viktor with a proper script.

“With every aspect of the series, its story demanded that its transit exist as a texture, not as a defining character trait,” Thomas said. “The creative hurdles didn’t stop there. The events of Season 3 pick up immediately after Season 2, so Viktor wouldn’t have been able to catch up on his own between seasons.

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“Instead, its becoming should happen in the early episodes, and without the grip typically intended for cisgender audiences.”

Many factors went into Elliot’s discussions with Thomas, including how Viktor came to discover his gender identity and the ways he chose to embody that identity.

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“Steve and I used Elliot’s insights as a starting point to carefully shape and overlay an economic narrative over these existing scenes – a narrative that echoed where Elliot was in his own transition process at the time of the filming.”

Steve helped flesh out the most realistic reactions from Viktor’s family about his transition. Her siblings find out about this life-changing news in the first three episodes of Season 3.

For more on Elliot, check out his full interview with Esquire. And be sure to watch Season 3 of The Umbrella Academywhich is now streaming on Netflix.

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