Disney+ Reveals X-Men Reboot 2023 Easter Egg in Doctor Strange 2

Disney+ Reveals X-Men Reboot 2023 Easter Egg in Doctor Strange 2

Marvel’s latest theatrical hit, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, officially lands on Disney+! The dimension-hopping MCU epic sees Dr. Stephen Strange and teenage America Chavez travel between parallel universes and explore the multiverse. During the couple’s interdimensional lovemaking, they come under attack on Earth-838.

It is on Earth-838 that Strange and Chavez are apprehended by the Illuminati, a team of “meeting of the minds” style superheroes who come together to make decisions that shape the fate of their world. Included in that group were Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards, Inhuman King Black Bolt, and Professor Charles Xavier, mentor to Marvel’s merry band of mutants known as the X-Men. Of course, all but one of the Illuminati are decimated by a very angry Wanda Maximoff. But back to Xavier for a second.

Professor X in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
marvel studios

Now in Multiverse of MadnessProfessor X was played by Sir Patrick Stewart, who is famous for portraying the character in the x-men films produced by 20th Century Fox. Marvel Studios now owns said x-men movies and their rights, paving the way for a rebooted X-Men team to finally make it to the MCU. But apparently separately from that, Marvel Studios is working on an animated series, a continuation of the original 1990s X-Men cartoon. It’s called X-Men ’97 and it actually has a connection with Doctor Strange 2.

An X-Men ’97 Easter egg in Doctor Odd

During the scene of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in which the Illuminati members of Earth-838 are featured, it was Patrick Stewart’s Professor Xavier who received his own little fanfare when he rolled around in his hoverchair. Indeed, an interpretation of X-Men: The Animated Series The theme is heard when Charles appears on screen, but according to official subtitles provided by Disney+, it’s something of an easter egg.

Charles Xavier's Entrance to Doctor Strange 2 and Accompanying Subtitles
Marvel Studios and Disney+

As can be seen above, according to these captions, the theme song being played is actually supposed to be that of X-Men ’97the Marvel Studios produced reboot/revival of the original animated series.

This is the first officially recognized Easter egg from the MCU’s first Mutant-led project, which is slated for release in mid-2023.

A Odd Easter egg indeed

So what exactly could that mean, if anything?

For starters, the captioning might indicate, or at least imply, that Earth-838’s Charles Xavier is somehow the exact same character who appeared in the ’90s show. That, however, would seem unlikely given that the animated Professor X has an American accent instead of Patrick Stewart’s typically British manner of speaking.

Or it could just be that Disney+ feels compelled to hype up the next one. X-Men ’97 which will of course be released exclusively on the platform.

A screenshot from X-Men: The Animated Series
Marvel and Disney+

But why not just read the text”X-Men: The Animated Series themed pieces” instead of referring to a brand new project that not everyone will know about and won’t be released until 2023? (At the very least.) Well, like the popular sitcom how I Met Your Mother taught us: “Newer is always better.” In other words, it makes less sense to plug in an outdated kids show from 30 years ago when the newer, sleeker model is available to them.

Either way, fans can see this easter egg for themselves by opening the options panel while watching Marvel Studios. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnesswhich, as mentioned, is now streaming on Disney+.

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