By not willingly testifying before the House Oversight Committee, Daniel Snyder may have made matters worse for himself

By not willingly testifying before the House Oversight Committee, Daniel Snyder may have made matters worse for himself

House hearing examines NFL's handling of Washington commanders' workplace misconduct

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At a time when many people despise him, Commanders owner Daniel Snyder arguably continues to be his worst enemy.

Case in point: By refusing to voluntarily appear and testify before the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Reform, Snyder has put himself in a position to face much harsher questioning, with potentially greater consequences. serious.

Liz Clarke and Mark Maske from Washington Post Take a closer look at the ramifications of Snyder’s refusal to testify without a subpoena, which begins with committee chair Carolyn Maloney’s wish twice Wednesday that Snyder would be subpoenaed to testify before the committee.

Testifying on Wednesday with commissioner Roger Goodell would have been shorter, simpler, cleaner. A closed-door deposition with lawyers present will last longer. It will cover more topics. It will be more contentious. This will include more opportunities for Snyder to deliberate or accidentally say something other than the truth, opening the door to possible prosecution.

And if he defies the subpoena, he faces near-certain criminal danger.

Simply put, Snyder refused to do it easily. He will soon know the hard way.

After Wednesday’s hearing, one of the oversight committee members addressed some hard truths to Snyder.

“We live in a time where there are people who feel above the law,” Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), said, via Clarke and Maske. “Unfortunately, that feeling of impunity and arrogance is a bit of a social contagion these days. . . . Maybe Dan Snyder was inspired by those who think they’re somehow above reps of the people in Congress.

Yes, Snyder’s best play at this point would be to submit to the authority of the Committee. Unfortunately, guys like Snyder don’t like to submit to authority from anyone but themselves. Especially when submission potentially involves having to admit all sorts of things that could create various forms of trouble for him.

Really, it’s his choice at this point. Show up and face the consequences, or don’t show up and face the consequences. Tell the truth and face the consequences, or don’t tell the truth and face the consequences.

In this summer of responsibility with regard to other matters in Washington, a much more belated account I finally arrive for Daniel Snyder.

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