Ezra Miller accused of sheltering 3 children in a farm full of weapons and weed

Ezra Miller accused of sheltering 3 children in a farm full of weapons and weed

Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller
Photo: John Phillips (Getty Images)

Another week, another story of strange and alarming behavior surrounding the flash starring Ezra Miller. Today, rolling stone reports that Miller was accused of harboring three young children and their mother on a farm they own In Vermont, which, according to unnamed sources, is filled with unguarded pots and guns.

Now, let’s be clear: Sthe help charge is mainly collected by the father of the children in question, who is obviously not a disinterested part here. HHe was previously the subject of an accusation of domestic abuse by the children’s mother, who called him “violent and abusive ex” that Miller helped her escape from. (The man in question denies this and says he is only motivated by concern for his children. He also allegedly filed a complaint against the mother for taking the children from-State.)

This last chargeSois not entirely different from the one Miller faced earlier this yearwhen the parents of an 18-year-old accused them the first grooming, and so basically removal their adult child – until such time as the “victim” in question a statement saying that Miller is actually coming helped them get out of an uncomfortable or abusive life situation. The other side then releases a statement that Miller somehow coerced those statements, and the whole thing turns into a PR nightmare.

In the case of the farm, rolling stone he claims have clearer evidence that something might be on the hinky sidehaving apparently viewed footage of firearms strewn around a living room, including near “a bunch of stuffed animals”. One of Miller’s associates also made claims about running what appears to be an unlicensed weed farm on the property; rolling stone also cites an anonymous witness (whose stake in all of this is therefore unknown), who claimed to have seen a one-year-old child put a bullet in his mouth during a visit to the property, which is obviously a very alarming accusation.

But, again, here’s a statement from the mother – whom Miller flew, with her children, out of Hawaii in April, after facing numerous charges of disruptive or illegal behavior in the state– claiming that the farm is “a haven of peace” for her and her children. “They may have firearms for self-defense purposes and they are stored in a part of the house where the children never enter… My children can relax more in their recovery thanks to the safety and education that ‘Ezra brought them.

The real guideline with all of this, of course, is that it looks incredibly evil, whatever ultimate truths are attached; Miller’s camp has declined to comment on this latest set of accusations, but we’re pretty sure anyone hanging around Warner Bros. studio grounds. at Hollywood this week could hear new ulcers spontaneously generating in executives’ bellies who launched their superhero franchise wagons at their star.

the flash hits theaters in June 2023… you know, Most likely.

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