Woj: Negotiations between Nets and Kyrie Irving have turned ‘acrimonious’ as Lakers ‘loom’

Woj: Negotiations between Nets and Kyrie Irving have turned ‘acrimonious’ as Lakers ‘loom’

During an appearance on ESPN Friday, Adrian Wojnarowski said contract talks between Kyrie Irving and the Nets have turned “acrimonious” as the two sides continue to seek common ground on where Irving will play for the season. next.

Woj also said that although Irving gave the Nets six NBA destinations he would prefer if there was no deal, there was limited interest for him in max money. The ESPN insider said the only team with real interest is the Lakers. Still, he argued, getting Irving a contract paying more than $6.3 million – MLE taxpayers – seems unlikely.

“It’s getting acrimonious,” Woj told ESPN’s NBA analyst panel. “and I think that’s the concern when you look at not just Kyrie’s future in Brooklyn, but also Kevin Durant’s future and if they can keep this thing together.”

As SNY’s Ian Begley reported on Thursday, owner Joe Tsai and Sean Marks are in sync on their position in the negotiations.

Woj was also clear that with some of Irving’s six landing spots, not all were reciprocating.

“The interest isn’t reciprocated in many of these places,” Woj said. “Obviously the Lakers are the ones looming. And will Kyrie Irving give up a $36.9 million player option that he can opt into and have that money guaranteed, especially after a year where he has lost about $17 million by not being vaccinated last year and even more with a sneaker deal that isn’t going to be around, certainly at the level it was.

Nike, who Irving has had a rocky relationship with in recent years, reportedly informed him that their relationship was over, at least on a lucrative level. Woj said that while LA wants to set up a reunion with LeBron, they have little hope of getting a deal other than the TJ. The report could also be an attempt by one side or the other to signal that getting things now is crucial. made between the Nets and Irving. That seems unlikely at this point.

“Unless they go out and do some really creative things financially, they can’t pay him more than $6 million next season. Now they could clear some cap space and sign him for an extension down the road, but you’re basically looking at a $30 million pay cut to get away from that Brooklyn team, to get out. As Bobby (Marks, ESPN capologist) said, just opting to get a sign and an exchange somewhere, it’s a very complicated scenario.

It’s unclear where the Nets’ offer to Irving stands. Woj hinted the other day that it could take two years and $84 million, a far cry from the five years, $245.6 million that Irving would want. And that would be higher than what Kristian Winfield suggested this week was their initial offer: Go for the $36.9 million this coming season, then resume negotiations next July.

Irving has until next Wednesday to resolve the issue before free agency. But he can stretch things out by stepping back and then pricing the market in early July. Meanwhile, the Nets will also have to complete their roster and decide on their other eight free agents, including Bruce Brown and Nic Claxton. If they received offers from other teams, ownership and the Nets front office would have to decide whether to match. Not knowing Irving’s (or KD’s) status would complicate matters.

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