Tony Stewart takes on Ernie Francis Jr in rage (Video)

Tony Stewart takes on Ernie Francis Jr in rage (Video)

Tony Stewart was as crazy as you’ve ever seen him; Series co-owner plans to bring private drivers together next week to address out-of-control drivers

On Saturday night, the Camping World SRX series ran a bullfight at South Boston Speedway. Fireworks and tempers ignited throughout the garage.

Watch the Tony Stewart vs. Ernie Francis Jr altercation below.

Tony Stewart and Ernie Francis Jr made contact on the track during the elimination race. Under caution, Stewart then met Francis Jr as revenge.

After the on-track incidents, Tony Stewart was seeing red as he headed into the pit lane after the race. He jumped out of his car in a hurry.

Stewart walked over to Ernie Francis Jr and grabbed his fire suit. He then started screaming.

South Boston Results: June 25, 2022 (SRX Series)

Tony Stewart comments

“They pissed off Uncle Tony right now,” Stewart said after the altercation.

“They’re about to get a dose they don’t want. Believe me, I know all the dirty tricks and I have them in my bag.

“When you follow someone and a guy on the outside, as soon as he clears, he turns right in the face. This is the dumbest shit you can do.

“I just finished playing nice with everyone. Anyone who touches me, I touch them five times. No more jacking off with some of these clowns.

Comments by Ernie Francis Jr.

“He came after, pretty upset,” Ernie Francis Jr said.

“I’m not going to take that from him. I know he’s the boss, but rubbing is running over there.

“He got up inside, I didn’t see him there because I was two Andretti’s away. I refused and didn’t see his car at the last second.

“For him to hit me out of caution, that’s kind of a dirty trick there. That’s the kind of stuff Paul Tracy does.

“For him to come after me and shove me, then I’m not going to take that from him. That’s how it is.”

“We are going to work on this car. We’ll see if we can get to his rear bumper,” Francis Jr concluded just before the main event.

The two drivers were not close to each other at any point in the main event. They had no more contact during the night.

Tony Stewart comments after the feature win; Plans to give all drivers a “dad talk”

Tony Stewart - SRX Series
Tony Stewart (Picture: SRX Series)

“Seeing these fans cheering, each time we took the lead. That’s what kept the motivation going,” Tony Stewart said from victory lane.

“It’s not like I need a lot of motivation. But, when you have fans in South Boston cheering like that, I’m not going to let them down.

As for incidents, the functionality was more or less the same. Many cars were destroyed. The amount of ripped cars makes him quite frustrated as a co-owner of the show itself.

“I’m honored to race with this group of guys that we race with. But, some of them, there are habits that they have in other divisions that are not acceptable in short track racing,” Stewart said. Matt Weaver.

“We all have to have that mindset. And, understand that we’re tearing up stuff that we don’t have enough crews to fix all these cars and keep up that kind of pace, for 6 weeks.

“If we want to have good cars, we have to start taking better care of them. And, we have to start taking better care of each other, on the racetrack.

“It doesn’t mean you don’t run hard and try to win. But, there has to be a better way to do it. I mean, the last two weeks have been a little out of control.

“Tonight, I’m not really proud of our group, as a whole. But, I’m going to give them the ‘Dad Talk’ next weekend.

“We were going to have the drivers meeting. Then we’ll get into the RV and have another drivers meeting. There’s going to be the ‘Dad Talk’, which happened tonight, we’re not going to do that for the next four weeks. We won’t have race cars and that’s not fair to those guys in the crew.

Tony Stewart takes on Ernie Francis Jr.

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