Brandy saves Jack Harlow’s performance with her top class freestyle rapping

Brandy saves Jack Harlow’s performance with her top class freestyle rapping

Singer-songwriter Brandy isn’t just about making hits, but apparently fixing fences.

At the 2022 BET Awards, the “Queens” actor made a surprise appearance during Jack Harlow’s performance, showcasing his rapping skills, versatility and longevity. She performed alongside the Louisville rapper for his single “First Class.”

It was quite a turnaround for Harlow, who in a May interview on radio station HOT 97 coyly admitted that he didn’t know Brandy was related to R&B artist Ray J. Nor did he. acknowledged Brandy’s 1998 hit “Angel in Disguise.” While it was all fun and fun for Brandy, Twitter users slammed Harlow, demanding that white rappers learn about black music icons and black culture.

Therefore, Brandy remixed his single “First Class”, with his own free style – fulfilling his mission to “murk this guy in rap at 43 to his own beats, then sing [h]it’s ass for sleeping”, as she has already tweeted.

Harlow found himself in another controversy ahead of this year’s BET Awards after the list of nominees was announced, and rapper Lil’ Nas X expressed his frustration online at being snubbed by the network. Fans pointed out that Harlow — who featured on Lil Nas X’s hit song “Industry Baby” — not only performed, but also received a Best Rapper nomination.

So it was unclear how the BET Awards audience would react to Harlow’s performance on Sunday’s show. Luckily, Brandy graced the stage with her presence and lifted the spirits of the crowd.

“20+ and I’m still a subject / A female dog worth a million and I feel like a philanthropist,” Brandy rapped. Torn between liking the performance and relegating it to a PR gimmick, fans chimed in online.

One user tweeted, “Brandy gave this Jack Harlow performance the seasoning it needed.” Another one wrote, “The PR behind Brandy and Jack Harlow was executed to perfection. I hate it…but they did this!

Others are hoping this is just the start of what could be a new single to come.

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