Kendrick Perkins on Draymond Green calling him ‘C*on’

Kendrick Perkins on Draymond Green calling him ‘C*on’

nba star Draymond Green is in hot water over comments he made regarding ESPN Kendrick Perkins.

In the latest episode of Green’s podcast, he lashed out at “haters” and media commentators, particularly Perkins.

Green once called Perkins a clown following comments about his abilities in the sport. But this time Green went a bit too far in comparing Perkins to another analyst. Pass without bay.

He said, “Kendrick Perkins, you’re acting like that clown (Bayless) and it baffles me. He could never be you, you know why he could never be you? Because he never did. You come up here doing like him. You don’t have to do this, mate. You played, you made it, go talk about it or you can’t?

“I hope you can, with all that shooting you do, you should be able to do it. You don’t have to act like that man, you don’t have to go up there, you c*on — From being an enforcer to c*on,” Green said. “How’s that going? At least you’re acting like an enforcer. I never really took you for one.

Perkins was quick to respond, taking to Twitter to vent his frustrations in a two-minute rant.

“Hey, Draymond, how are you? The fucking problem with you? Didn’t you just win your fourth championship? What were you worried about me? Why? You are crazy. You’re crazy because I do it my way. And it turned out that it worked. I do it my way,” Perkins said.

“I don’t have to do it your way. I do it my way. But look, forget the old media. Forget new media. I’ll follow the old law, won’t I? And the old law says, Hey man, all that disrespect and all that shit or calling somebody to action, man, you screwed me! He continued.

“There’s nothing ac*on about me. Ain’t no, fuck it ain’t none of that. And here’s the thing, right? We all know the dog. We all know that you don’t ride a bike. We know that. The NBA brothers know that. A lot of them talk behind you — behind your back with the whispers,” Perkins said.

“They know it, they know you won’t do anything. It is proven. These are facts. We know that. So stop with all the tough talk,” he continued, “You could talk about me as an ESPN analyst, you could talk about my takes. You could talk about anything you want to do. I don’t give a fuck about that, but what you’re not gonna do is you’re not gonna disrespect me and call me no goddamn shit.

“And I’m going to stand on that.” You talk about standing on something. I’m standing on it. That’s what I won’t be, especially by you. When we all know you’re not gonna do anything! Perkins concluded.

Listen above via The Draymond Green Show.

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