WWE Raw Results, Recap, Grades: WWE Celebrates John Cena;  Riddle and Becky Lynch qualify for Money in the Bank

WWE Raw Results, Recap, Grades: WWE Celebrates John Cena; Riddle and Becky Lynch qualify for Money in the Bank

On Monday night, WWE Raw celebrated the 20th anniversary of John Cena’s debut for the promotion. It was the mainstay of all the pre-show promos and much of the first two hours centered around Cena coming to the ring to deliver a promo about his connection with WWE fans.

The show also featured the continued build of Saturday’s Money in the Bank premium live event. Included in this build was the addition of male and female Money in the Bank ladder matches.

CBS Sports was with you all night with recaps and highlights of all the action from Sames Auto Arena in Laredo, TX.

WWE celebrates 20 years of John Cena

Video packages highlighting John Cena’s career were played throughout the show. Midway through the show, Cena was shown talking to Ezekiel backstage, telling Ezekiel to never forget who he is, when Theory cut him off. The theory trickled down to Cena, pointing out that his own success at just 24 was more than Cena had achieved and now Cena was just an old man wearing jorts. Cena left when Theory tried to set up a selfie, leaving Theory furious.

Later in the show, Vince McMahon introduced Cena, who walked to the ring as the WWE locker room stood on the entrance ramp and cheered. Cena cut a lengthy promo, talking about how WWE fans have made him a better person and nothing he does is about him, “it’s about us.” The theory didn’t come up during the segment and it all ended with Cena celebrating with the fans.

The whole Cena thing didn’t have a big payout, just the tease of a possible Theory match and a classic babyface Cena promo. The show was heavily padded by the video packages for the first two hours. McMahon’s involvement was completely unnecessary, but he’s done it on show after show, since news broke that there was an internal investigation into allegations of misconduct which led to him temporarily stepping down from his post. CEO and Chairman of WWE. Still, Cena knows how to work with a crowd and will always get a big reaction when he shows up. Category B

What else happened on WWE Raw?

  • Riddle won a battle royal to secure a spot in the Money in the Bank ladder match. The battle royale kicked off the show and was fought between Riddle and Miz, who had previously faked an injury. Riddle knocked out Miz with an RKO to the ring apron.
  • Mount Ford beats. Jey Uso via pinfall after hitting a frog splash.
  • AJ Styles won. The Miz by count. Styles interrupted an interview with Miz, upset that Miz eliminated him from the battle royale earlier in the night, leading to a match. Once Styles appeared to have the match in hand, Miz opted to exit the ring and head up the entrance ramp, taking the loss by countout.
  • Bianca Belair and Carmella came face to face. Belair was being interviewed when she called Carmella into the ring. Carmella answered the call, saying she would win the Raw Women’s Championship from Belair at Money in the Bank. Carmella then attempted to hit Belair with a cheap shot, but Belair waited and sent Carmella crashing out of the ring.
  • Liv Morgan defeats. Alexa Bliss through Pinfall with a roll-up. The match took place after the women were interviewed and said they were not friends but were “friendly” and both vowed to win the Money in the Bank match on Saturday.
  • Bobby Lashley won. Alpha Academy in a handicap match when he locked Chad Gable in the Hurt Lock. Theory was the special enforcer, but Lashley was still able to pick up the win and fight Theory after the match.
  • An interview with Cody Rhodes has aired. Rhodes said it was bittersweet knowing he would only watch Money in the Bank and not participate, but he would like Seth Rollins to win so he can be one of the first to do so. congratulate.
  • Becky Lynch won a Last Chance eliminator match to secure the final spot at Money in the Bank. Lynch outlasted Nikki ASH, Xia Li, Tamina, Shayna Baszler, and Doudrop to win the match, eliminating Doudrop for the final time.

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