Superman and Lois Confirm It’s NOT Set in the Main Arrowverse Continuity

Superman and Lois Confirm It’s NOT Set in the Main Arrowverse Continuity

The Superman & Lois season 2 finale “Waiting For Superman” reveals that the DC TV series is not set on the Arrowverse’s Earth-Prime.

Superman and Lois just revealed why Man of Steel didn’t ask his super friends from across the Arrowverse to help him defeat his series’ antagonists.

In the season 2 finale, titled “Waiting For Superman”, Superman and Lois revealed to longtime Arrowverse fans that the series isn’t set on Earth-Prime, home to Grant Gustin’s The Flash, Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow, but on an entirely different world. In an interview with TVLine, showrunner Todd Helbing explained the decision to keep Superman and Lois separated from the rest of the Arrowverse: “I’ve said from the start that we wanted to put our own stamp on Superman’s ownership. It wasn’t meant to take us away from the Arrowverse, but because so many other shows are sadly I won’t be on the air anymore, it was the right thing to do.”

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The revelation that Superman and Lois wasn’t put on Earth-Prime was revealed through dialogue delivered by General Sam Lane of Dylan Wash, who told his grandsons that he “has been working for the DOD for a long time. I’ve seen things you wouldn’t believe – glimpses of other worlds, and the leagues of superheroes they have on them And even though we only have your father on this planet, thank goodness for he’s the best of the whole Earth.

Some Arrowverse fans will probably be frustrated that it took two seasons to Superman and Lois to acknowledge its connection to the larger shared universe, but Helbing explained that they were contractually obligated to keep it a secret until the end of Season 2. “DC and I had a conversation during Season 1, and the decision [to keep Superman & Lois separate] was made at the time, but I couldn’t release it until the end of this season,” he revealed. “So when I had all these questions [in previous interviews], I knew what we were doing, but I could never talk about it. It got a bit frustrating on my part, but I fully understand DC’s position. So that ended that.”

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With this revelation, the flash is now the only series still airing on The CW that takes place on Arrowverse’s Earth-Prime following the cancellations of Legends of tomorrow and batman. Justice Uan Arrowverse series that would see David Ramsey’s John Diggle recruit and educate five young meta-humans to become heroes while living in college is still in development on the network.

Source: TVLine

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