Rockets Free Agency Rumor Roundup

Rockets Free Agency Rumor Roundup

Sometimes NBA free agency is a dud. Not much is happening, no one is going anywhere and there are no trades. With less than 9 p.m. from the opening of NBA Free Agency, this moron doesn’t seem to be the case. (Yes, less than 9 p.m. (since this article was published) because the NBA no longer opens free agency at midnight EST, but at a more reasonable 6 p.m. Or eminently reasonable 3 p.m. if you’re in PST.).

We’ve already seen James Harden pull out $47 million. Which is interesting, because we saw Kyrie Irving go for his $36 million deal.

We saw a big trade, with Atlanta sending three picks, including two unprotected, to the San Antonio Spurs for Dejounte Murray. (So ​​not quite that many guards there now.). Danillo Gallinari is finally a Spur. At least this part of the universe is in balance.

We’ve seen the Rockets decline their friendly team option on Jae’Sean Tate and extended a qualifying offer, as Tate tests the waters of restricted free agency.

I think we all know what the biggest news here is. Qualifying offer from Tate.

The Rockets, like many here at The Dreamshake, are obviously interested in bringing the despised center Isaiah Hartenstein back in Houston, as reported by Athletic’s Kelly Iko. Hartenstein quietly put together a fantastic season off the bench for the Clippers last year, and could be ready for a bigger role.

There are discussions that the Rockets might also be interested in Mo Bamba. He had a better season than you might think – he shot 38% from 3pts on 4 attempts per game, and averaged 10.6pts, 8.1 rebs and 1.7blks in 26 minutes per game .

There are also rumors linking Rockets guard Eric Gordon to his old buddies Daryl Morey, James Harden, D’Anthony Melton and possibly PJ Tucker on the Philadelphia 76ers.

Finally, people are tweeting about Colin Sexton from the Cavs possibly moving to the Rockets in a sign-and-trade deal. Personally, I don’t see the fit, but if the contract is cheap enough, maybe he’s a value play in some way.

The Rockets are NOT in the running to re-sign James Harden, according to The Dreamshake’s Xiane, who hasn’t spoken to anyone about it.

Picking up on a theme explored when talking about betting on the NBA, it is also possible to bet on free agency signings. It’s interesting, but I’d go into it with my eyes open.

It’s different from a real sporting event, where the outcome is unknown, so unless something absolutely illegal happens, no one knows the winner. On the other hand, someone has a pretty good idea of ​​who, say, will be the first pick in the NBA draft, even if it’s just Jeff Weltman.

Someone has more than a guess where a player might sign. Maybe these people aren’t saying it and betting, but the quick move of the action towards Paulo Banchero at 1-1, after the Jabari Smith story all the way, before the draft, is curious. Maybe the size of the betting market is such that insider information doesn’t change the odds, but it’s something to consider.

If you’re looking for an extremely long shot, with a huge payout, DraftKings currently have the Houston Rockets at +100,000 to win the Western Conference. No, the Rockets are not going to win the Western Conference. But if they did… if this group of brave kids did the unthinkable… But they won’t. But if they could… Play the same way you would play Powerball lotto, for the sake of the dream, not just any kind of return.

No odds are available that I could find on DraftKings regarding the Rockets winning the Vegas Summer League, but that might be a realistic goal, as I’ve seen them elsewhere at +1800, or top 3. They’ll be posting them soon no doubt , as odds appeared for pre-Vegas Summer League games with Sacramento, Golden State, Miami and the Lakers. If you bet on it, without even waiting for the start of the Vegas Summer League…

One last thing. Who says no?

Who sez naw?

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